A Technical Council of the California Resource Recovery Association

About CORC

California Organics Recycling Council

The California Organics Recycling Council (CORC) is the voice of organics recyclers. CORC represents a coalition of organics recyclers, including collectors, processors, end users, and local governments. CORC supports the development of an organics infrastructure for increasing sustainable and diverse end markets, through policy leadership and education. CORC provides educational workshops, expert testimony and comments on legislation and regulations, and is a resource for organic materials recycling programs.


CORC was formed to respond to regulatory and marketing pressures and to provide a voice for the organic recyclers that are trying to stay in business and respond to the new challenges of AB939. The California Organic Recycling Council (CORC) was organized in March 1992 to help provide a unified voice on:

  • Government Regulations
  • Product Standards
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Education

Other Organic/Recycling Issues

CORC serves as a technical council for the California Resource Recover Association (CRRA). Both CORC and CRRA seek a diversity of members and participation from all facets of the industry, including processors, mulchers, composters, equipment vendors, biomass fuel makers, government officials, non-profit organizations and individuals.

To join CORC, CRRA members can fill in the membership form provided at the bottom of the page and they will be placed on the CORC mailing list. There is no additional charge for CORC, beyond CRRA dues. Through your CRRA membership discounts are available for “Resource Recycling”, the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) and other journals (including a 24% discount for “Biocycle” Magazine).

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